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Alan Peters - The Makers’ Maker DVD Jeremy  Broun was inspired by Alan Peters while still at school and he became his hero then professional friend. Alan Peters has influenced countless woodworkers worldwide and this 47 minute film is a personal tribute to this great man. Watch short You Tube video
120 minutes of action packed woodworking with the router
3 Routing Titles DVDs  The definitive action packed fully comprehensive set of 3 Routing DVDs by the UK’s creative pioneer. Re-mastered in 2012 with extras such as  Router Update and My Favourite Router.  More info  Cutters sponsored by
Essential Routing   DVD Ideal for those new to routing. Jeremy Broun covers the basic principles, cutter choice, getting started, safe working practices, holding devices, template routing, table routing, jigmaking and care of equipment and examples of work. Watch short You Tube video
Jointcutting with the  Router DVD Jeremy Broun shows how to cut a range of interesting joints using both shop-made and selected manufacturers` jigs, standard and special cutters and joint options for different constructions. Watch short You Tube video
Router Jigging   DVD Once you start using, making and thinking jigs you will be in the fast lane of routing. This action packed video covers all aspects plus some inventive jigs by Jeremy Broun. More info. Watch short You Tube video.
Furniture Today 3 Standard Edition DVD An update to the documentation of the furniture designer maker revolution .this 70 minute film made in 2012 includes Gordon Russell, Waywood, Fred Baier, Rachel Hutchinson and John Makepeace.
A fascinating indepth update completed in 2012
Design and Make in Wood  CD-Rom a CD-Rom of the Design and Make in Wood course presented by slide shows and videos.
The Encyclopedia of Woodworking Techniques   paperback book Voted a ‘Top 200 Title’ by the UK Booksellers Association in 1993 this is a superb illustrated step by step A-Z of woodworking plus Design gallery. Now out of print the author has the last 200 copies and you can purchase a signed copy here. Read original review.
Furniture Today Parts 1 & 2   2 DVDs Four decades of contemporary British furniture making portrayed by Jeremy Broun who was amongst a handful of pioneers of the 70’s Furniture Craft Revival. Set against a historical back cloth. Visit Furniture Today website .
21st Century Furniture  CD-Rom a CD-Rom about British designer makers and the title of a London exhibition in 2009. Watch short You Tube video
Five ways to fashion wood  DVD A documentary film featuring a working mother who doesn’t use joints, a green woodworker, a woodworker with no hands and a craftsman combing a little magic with business acumen. Aimed at colleges
Rebirth of a tree  DVD A 22 minute documentary film about a tree given to Jeremy Broun by Kew Gardens from the Great Storm of 1987. Watch short You Tube video
The Incredible Router Bespoke Revised Edition book & CD-Rom Individually hand made for you with a personalised message option and created by the author Jeremy Broun. The ideal gift for a special occasion.  It was Jeremy Broun who dubbed the router ‘the most versatile tool in the world’ in his best selling first edition in 1989. This 110 page book and CD-Rom covers every aspect of routing and includes videos and project plans. More info.  Watch short You Tube video  Read review of original book
The Makers’ Maker   bespoke book plus documentary DVD An extended version of the 70 minute DVD plus a 43 page illustrated bespoke book aimed at colleges and collectors. The DVD includes extra chapters and interviews plus tributes from several makers. Aimed at colleges and collectors. The DVD includes extra chapters and interviews plus tributes from several makers.
Electric Woodwork - Power Tool Woodworking  paperback book The last remaining copies held in stock by the author. Although the style of the power tools is outdated the content is rich and relevant bringing alive the creative applications of ten most important power tools with associated projects. Read original review in The Woodworker magazine
Woodwork Now  (Batsford)   paperback book The best of old and new practice. This book is out of print and a few remaining copies are held by the author. Please enquire.
The world of Woodworking DVD A compilation of a wide range of instructional and documentary title trailers plus a 22 minute documentary called Rebirh of a tree. Please enquire.
Jeremy Broun 25 Years Celebration paperback book limited edition Please enquire.
Acoustic Guitar Easy Build     bespoke paperback book & CD-Rom This groundbreaking publication is work in progress - please enquire
Furniture Horizons   CD-Rom      1979 digitally created in 2003 Jeremy Broun won a Churchill Scholarship to study Furniture design, manufacturing and retailing in Sweden, Finland and Italy in 1979.This interactive CD-Rom about his trip is of great relevance today.
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Furniture Today 3 Extended Edition  2 DVDs A 73 minute documentary with extra chapters including interviews and topics, gallery of makers’ work etc. This version is on 2 higher resolution DVDs and is aimed at colleges, architects, interior designers,  Watch short You Tube video of film premiere.  More info
Australian Woodworkers  DVD Jeremy Broun visited Australia in 1986 and met some woodworkers in his travels. This documentary gives a good feel op Down Under with music from a young female pop star! 60 mins  
Design and Make in Wood  proposed book & DVD This book based on Jeremy Broun’s time highly successful and time proven projects in schools and colleges was nearly published by Mitchell & Beasley but the idea did not sell to the USA booksellers who are the prime market today. Jeremy will publish it himself in due course as clearly it contains the best of his practice. Please email your interest
Jeremy Broun Collection  DVD A compilation of 25 short videos over 90 minutes from Jeremy Broun’s unique WOODOMAIN You Tube channel. Edition One. Please enquire
Exploring the differences between mass production and craft furniture   DVD An edited recording of the lecture Jeremy Broun gave at the Design Museum in 1996. Of relevance today. 60 minutes Please enquire
View this instant FREE 10 page 3D e-booklet : Woodworking Beginners Guide by Jeremy Broun
Coffee table project CD-Rom & DVD album Originally commissioned by Homebase DIY store in 1997, Jeremy Broun has re- launched this uniquely simple contemporary coffee table project that uses just a tenon saw and mitreblock, hammer and pins and two sections of Homebase off the shelf prepared wood plus a small cut-to-size piece of chipboard! Incredibly simple and idreal for the total beginner to make and learn really useful skills from. commissioned by 
The CD-Rom has progressive diagrams plus videos for computer viewing whilst the DVD is for armchair viewing.
The Furniture Makers Company Award 2013 The Furniture Makers Company Award 2013 The Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers Ambrose Heal Award 1988 The Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers Masters's Prize 1989 UK Booksellers Association 'Top 200 Titles' Award 1993 Crafts Council Project Award 1990
So you call that a dovetail  DVD  Design is a much misunderstood term and can be a commercial ploy or stick on label for some products. This fast moving film explores the concept of design using a novel dovetail student project as a vehicle for establishing a useful integrated vocabulary. Aimed at colleges.
The Chair DVD The chair is not just an artefact of service but an artefact of culture. From the earliest Regal throne to the kind of chair used on the “Mastermind” programme. This film takes the chair through history and features modern chair makers such as David Colwell & Ron Arad.