Its such a slog to keep up with the blog I get in a jitter when you mention twitter so I’m calling this news which includes some views and anything else that might amuse to inform and inspire you to do with the game of woodworking and more from Woodomain 
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There was once a great website (over 10 years ago) called and Jeremy Broun signed up in the Woodworking category as an expert. In just under four months he rose from rank 1300+ to world expert no 4.
Jeremy Broun one time World Woodworking Expert no 4. Open the box to learn more!
Summer 2011
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The Alan Peters Award for Excellence An initiative by Jason Heap organizer of the CCD annual exhibition in Cheltenham in honour of the late Alan Peters OBE. This award is to encourage new furniture designer makers under 30 yrs old by way of offering exhibition space next to leaders in the field at the  Celebration of Craftsmanship and Design  exhibition 2011. Jason Heap, Keith Newton and myself are judges for this exciting new award.
A new Award for furniture designer makers
About this Newsletter This is the first ‘newsletter’ co-inciding with the re-design of Woodomain and associated websites of Jeremy Broun. It has been sent initially to a broad email base. Please give me your feedback but most importantly let me know if you do not wish to receive it in future (use the email link above and write ‘nomail’ in the subject line. The intention is to send out the same Newslink email a few times a year. This will connect you to a constantly updated webpage on the Woodomain website. Whenever there is something new to say it will be updated. You can visit my personal blog to read about what makes me tick and the kind of issues that  makes me glad and sad! one thing that makes me tick is innovation.... Innovation Innovation is what fires me but is also very difficult to promote in Britain. We are essentially a traditional and conservative nation when it comes to furniture and innovating can be highly risky even if one’s ideas are taken up mainstream a decade and a half later (by IKEA!) I am hoping to exhibit some new furniture at the Celebration of Craftsmanship and Design exhibition in Cheltenham in August which again is holding a chair competition. Chairs are enormously challenging and there is more to them than comfort! Furniture Today I am working on Part Three of this fascinating project that focuses on the Designer Maker Revolution against a historical context dating back to the Magna Carta. The quality of the work of today in Britain just gets better and there is much to choose from. Of course it is very time consuming to edit but it is hoped the project will be completed by the end of 2011. Features include the Hill House Charles Rennie Macintosh Centenary exhibition, latest work from the Cheltenham exhibitions, an interview with Ray Leigh at the Gordon Russell Museum in 2010 and a critique of John Makepeace’s work including his current solo travelling exhibition, extracts from one of his exhibition lectures in 2011.
You Tube I have around 90 short videos on my Woodomain channel at You Tube. Please take a look and if you like them do subscribe. They are mostly to do with woodworking and furniture design but also about my motorbikes, cars and music!
a lifelong passion for woodworking and music
Three Routing Titles Special Offer
Bath Coffee Coffee Festival 21-22 May has been and gone and I had a stand exhibiting a few of my contemporary coffee tables and wooden luminaires A video display using my Digital touchscreen jukebox was included bringing the work alive.                                                                 The Bath Coffee                                  Festival table made                                  from Westonbirt                                  maple was on show. .
Three Routing Titles. Action packed information and inspiration
Three action packed DVDs covering every aspect of routing by the pioneer of creative routing in the UK. This is a special Internet offer and you can save around £10.
Win this table at the 2011 Bath Coffee Festival. It has the name engraved into the top.
A unique centre joint designed by Jeremy Broun in 1978
Alan Peters The Makers’ Maker
RSA Comment At the beginning of the year I wrote an article for RSA Comment called ‘The Practical Arts in Education and Society’ which you can read via this link.  I am passionate about the value of craft in schools and feel it is vital to encourge young people to use their hands as not least practical work is a vehicle for personal development.
Manual CNC router! In 1989 I wrote The Incredible Router book and for it I designed a simple copy carving jig project (below), suitable for engraving house signs and other light relief work. I am now  developing this jig concept using Pacific bearings, steel rod and MDF to accommodate one a large Dewalt router for versatile and heavy duty copy carving of guitar bodies, sculptural forms and furniture making components. I call it my manual CNC router as it uses  3 axis just like a CNC router but instead of hours of programming for complex 3D shapes you make a mock up to copy off and the programming is in your head and transferred through your muscles! One advantage is that you actually feel the cutter engaging with the wood - perhaps what woodworking is about? Watch this space.
A unique and fascinating documentary DVD by Jeremy Broun about one of the greatest furniture designer makers of our time. Jeremy was inspired by Alan Peters while still at school and he became his hero then professional friend. Alan Peters has influenced countless woodworkers worldwide and this 47 minute film is a personal tribute to this great man. Sadly Alan Peters died in 2009 just one month after this project was completed. His legacy in particular is his total integrity in working wood and respect for tradition yet not being hampered by it.
Sports car re-build
The car or the girl?
My Raffo Belva sports car is off the road for major works including 2 litre turbo diesel engine implant - 70mpg and 130mph+? Better than the Ford Zetec  lump. Major body re-modelling and interior re-design by me. More to report on this major summer project in the next newsletter. I may even use some antique buhr veneer I have for the custom made dashboard - not the usual boring buhr walnut! This is one of eight built.
John Makepeace talks about his work to students at his solo travelling exhibition at Somerset House in April. Jeremy Broun interviews him.
Summer 2012
Furniture Today 3 At last the project is completed and a bonus is that it received a retrospective award from The Furniture Makers Company in June: ‘In recognition of the achievement and as a note of our thanks for your efforts on behalf of the industry’. Jonny Westbrooke (Clerk) Well, it took over 1,000 hours singled handed since October 2011 to produce this DVD in two versions - a Standard Edtion for private use and an Extended Edition for colleges, architects etc. This is probably my equivalent of a PHD, not that I ever went to university. Ray Leigh who is featured in the 70 minute main film and who was part of the Gordon Russell success story says ‘the film is an absolute must for anyone interested in modern furniture’. The Film Premiere at Bath University was well attended and included makers such as Rachel Hutchinson, Fred Baier, Tony Portus, Barnaby Scott and Johnny Hawkes who chaired a discussion afterwards. Full details of the DVDs are at the Furniture Today website and can be purchased here. You can watch short You Tube clips on trailers of the DVD and how the film was made. ‘An astoundingly good film’ furniture patron   Full details and purchase options
updated June 2012
Travelling electro acoustic guitar In 2012 I am spending more time on my music and guitar building. I have just converted a Hofner shorty electric guitar into an electro acoustic guitar and am embarking on a new electro acoustic JKB design. The new guitar will include an array of discreetly embedded features such as vocal pickup, digital backing track player, wireless jack, and pickups for a Roland GR20 guitar synthesizer allowing it to authentically produce the sounds of a piano, saxophone, harmonica and more. I hope to complete it for my performance on 1 June at the Bath International Music Festival Party in the City’.  Router Copy carving jig Because the Furniture Today film project took up so much of my time, progress has been slow to develop this jig but I hope to complete by end 2012.
I have just acquired 250 sq ft storage and workshop to work on the car and my bikes. Have you noticed the endless episodes of Antiques Roadshow on British television? They are even milking the future now. Unbelievable!             Which woodworking glue?                After decades of woodworking and                   trying out different glues I now only                             use two glues for wood-to-wood                bonding: Titebond for interior and                 Cascamite for exterior use. Celebration of Craftsmanship and Design 2012 I am giving the Cheltenham exhitibition a miss this year as I haven’t had time to create any new designs but I shall be involved again as a judge for the Alan Peters Award For Excellence.
A rare and pretty car being restored and modified
Raffo Belva project My rare and pretty car is still being rebuilt with assistance from a local garage as we had some wiring problems with the engine management and chassis welding. Hopefully sometime later in the year I can get on with bodywork and interior trim - making the inside like an aircraft cockpit.
electro acoustic concept to include some advanced electronics including Roland GR20 synthesiser
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I’ve recently been working 14 hour days on various woodworking related projects but I do try to take at least one day a week off to regain my sanity. Every Wednesday I take a leisurely drive to my nearest B & Q store and roam around like a punch drunk zombie. Its a great source of innovative ideas looking at different materials, fixings etc and how I can use them.
In the pipeline: a ‘Jeremy Broun Hands and Minds Woodworking Award’ with a power tool sponsor already onboard. 
Possibly a biennial award aimed at schools. Please give me some feedback to develop the idea? Co-sponsors/collaborators? Email
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