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Some titles are on CD-Rom which although an old format is great for delivering auto loading (Powerpoint based) programmes with video inserts and Hi Res images (for computers). As with his woodworking Jeremy Broun offers the best of old and new and presents clearly.

Coffee table project 

CD-Rom. If your computer still reads CD-Rom this is the one to go for as it includes all the videos on the DVD version and has extra auto loading graphics to enhance the stages of making. Based on Powerpoint for Windows.

That's technology obselence for you! Its your choice. 







Design and Make in Wood  CD-Rom  

An integrated distance learning presentation based on Jeremy Broun’s unique intensive course that focuses on methodology to get the best results in the shortest time. Includes menus and videos. Suits PCs best.







21st Century Furniture  CD-Rom About British designer makers and the title of a London exhibition in 2009.







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Tree CD Rom A story for young children. An ash tree has its life taken away by the very wind that gave it life. A great storm occurs in 1987 and over fifteen million trees in Southern England are blown down. This is the story of one of those trees. A craftsman goes into the wood one day and rescues the ash tree and takes it back to his  workshop. He sets to works with his tools and makes a piece of furniture that gives the tree everlasting life. 


The interactive CD-Rom centres around an 8 minute film of the story of this tree. The learner can explore various aspects such as historical events when the tree was born 200 years ago, it looks at wood, how trees work, tools, furniture and more to give an appreciation of the value of trees and the importance of the Practical Arts in Education




Furniture Horizons CD Rom Approximately 200 slides and 2 videos in 10 interactive slideshows of Jeremy Broun's Churchill Scholarship trip to visit furniture designers, retailers, factories & workshops in Scandinavia and Italy in 1979. Some fascinating stories included. A historical document of relevance now.




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