These testimonials are comments made by customers and viewers of Jeremy Broun's publications and videos. 

Jeremy, your books and DVD's arrived in NH (USA) a few days ago, in tip-top shape - not a mark on the package, no tire tracks, boot prints, or tooth marks! I've started reading and am about to view the DVD's. The books are beautiful. Well done! Bob D

Very informative and entertaining video. You're a legend. Subscribed and I'm surely going to buy your books and whatnot.

‘Great vid, as usual. You always inspire me to try new stuff’.  Frost0813

'I love the simplicity and sheer functional practicality of the design. It's the accessibility of all the tools that appeals. Everything is easily found and returned to it's correct place afterwards, and the idea could be used for tools other than carpentry ones, or adapted to suit your own particular needs. Great design Jeremy'.   S Cribbs

This is a very good book no matter what level you are at. It will show you many things that will improve your skills or remind you of things you now have forgotten. Mark R

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'Jeremy is a terrific teacher from what I've seen of his You Tube videos. I'm looking forward to this (Compact Toolbox) ebook'. Walt Wilkin (USA) 2016

'Way better than I thought'  A Tapp

'There is nothing staged about this film and it really feels like it has been made by a woodworker for woodworkers to remember someone who is important to British culture '. 

Nick Gibbs (Editor of British Woodworking) 2015

'This is one easy-to-understand video of all I've watched so far about the routers. The soundtrack is soothing as well. Thank you for sharing your expertise'.  Elena T 

'Thank you for the work you put into your projects as it is quite refreshing to see old school ethics meet new school innovation'. K Pilkington

“I spent an afternoon with Jeremy in his workshop in a 1-1 session which was a birthday gift from my girlfriend. I found Jeremy to be extremely knowledgable and helpful and has given me the confidence to progress to a not-so-amateur with the router. I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their router knowledge and skills'. Richard, Cheltenham (August 2020)

The Alan Peters ONLINE Furniture Award                                                                 2021   

An annual award celebrating the legacy of one of Britain’s most prominent furniture designer-makers of the late 20th century. It aims to encourage talent in the craft of furniture design and making. 
Any woodworker who is a resident citizen of The British Isles* over the age of 18 and who has a passion and talent for designing and making contemporary furniture is invited to submit up to 2 items of furniture made primarily of wood, that can include other complementary materials and that echo the philosophy of Alan Peters. Judging is based on the appropriate use of wood, the quality of workmanship, functionality and originality of design.

Both one-off designs and potential batch-produced designs are encouraged and the piece does not have to be large. Applicants should be familiar with the work of Alan Peters prior to applying and are encouraged to read this 64-page online video-integrated ebook by Jeremy Broun offered free here: 

Alan Peters OBE (1933 – 2009) was one of Britain’s most prominent furniture designer makers of the latter part of the 20th Century. He was apprenticed to Edward Barnsley and was a direct link to the English Arts & Crafts Movement. He was hugely influential internationally in his practice, teaching and publications.  Above all, his respect and understanding of how wood behaves and the value of hand skill, yet moving tradition forward, resulted in many timeless pieces.  He created affordable functional furniture which was made to last, making an art of his craft in some of his subtle innovations. 



History of the Award


The original award was called The Alan Peters Award For Excellence and was initiated by Jason Heap in 2010 and the prize was for three winners to have a free exhibition space alongside the professionals at this annual furniture exhibition in Cheltenham.

The award ran for eight years. The judges were Jason Heap,

Keith Newton and Jeremy Broun. 

The judges  for The Alan Peters Online Furniture Award 2021

Jeremy Broun (organizer) -  designer-maker and co-exhibitor with Alan Peters 1978 - 2002.                                                  

Andrew Lawton -  designer-maker who worked with Alan Peters

and on his last commission.                            

David Barron -  established maker of fine contemporary furniture

and long time admirer and collector of Alan Peters' work.

Hattie Speed (guest judge for 2021) - furniture designer maker, educator and founder of This Girl Makes community. 

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Due to Covid19 this will now be an online award event.
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