A first hand account of the 1970’s British Furniture Craft Revival by Jeremy Broun who was amongst a handful of pioneers breaking with tradition and giving momentum to the movement today. Originally published in 1990 as a series of articles. 18 pages, 37 images, 1 video. Best viewed in zoom mode.


Vol 1. An usual story of a pioneer furniture maker following his passion, with no capital, no market or business plan and how Jeremy Broun survived.  Some interesting anecdotes and insights into marketing yourself and the early furniture making scene in the UK. Based on the series of published articles in1989. 114 pages, 160 images, 3 videos. 



You can easily make this delightfully simple stool designed by Jeremy Broun in 1990. You can make it in a weekend using standard prepared 50mm x 50mm softwood available from 'the sheds'. It uses one single joint configuration on the legs.  A masterpiece in simplicity where internal screws act as glue clamps.              


An iconic Jeremy Broun design that you can make (for personal non-commercial use) - this 28 page digital book includes PLANS, videos and the all essential making procedure. It is aimed at competent amateurs as the slat joints have to be precise and the right glues used for success. Where else will you get to build a classic modern sculptural chair that really rocks at this price!  



Just how much do you know about every day plastics, their types, names, properties, how they are made, how they are used, how they are disposed of and the health and  environmental impacts?

Jeremy Broun first starting teaching plastics work in schools as a crafts teacher in 1966 and this unique ebook is an up date of his knowledge.

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Man and shed has become a cliche but apart from the escape it represents a vital part of our woodworking culture. This useful guide explores small spaces, compact machines, essential tools, and more. 

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An extensive illustrated dictionary of wood and woodworking terms with numerous thumbnail images that pop up and instant wordsearch. A really useful resource in an easy to use format drawing from mainly UK but some USA terminology. Please email to show your interest.


Routing pioneer Jeremy Broun

explores a whole new world of woodworking starting from absolute basics, showing how a benchtop CNC machine is built and what the creative potential of this technology is. Please email to show your interest.

desmake preview.jpg

View this FREE preview of a fantastic radical woodworking course by Jeremy Broun that integrates designing and making based on several decades of his teaching and professional experience and recent studio based course. A truly empowering experience that takes learning creative woodworking way beyond the status quo of instruction. Be an early adopter and gain a purchasing discount.

The Chair DVD The chair is not just an artefact of service but an artefact of culture. From the earliest Regal throne to the kind of chair used on the “Mastermind” programme. This film takes the chair through history and features modern chair makers such as David Colwell & Ron Arad.





Five ways to fashion wood  DVD. A documentary film featuring a working mother who doesn’t use joints, a green woodworker, a woodworker with no hands and a craftsman combing a little magic with business acumen







Furniture Today 3 Extended Edition 2 DVDs For colleges, libraries and connoisseurs. Extras: Martin Grierson,, Antiques roadshow 2062, ChairTalk at Made to Sit. Ray Leigh of Gordon Russell, Robert Ingham, Defining the designer maker, Gallery of UK makers, Jeremy Broun on Curves in furniture.

Originally £39.95


Exploring the differences between mass production and craft furniture DVD

An edited recording of the lecture Jeremy Broun gave at the Design Museum in 1996. Of relevance today. 60 minutes.








So you call that a dovetail  DVD  Design is a much misunderstood term and can be a commercial ploy or stick on label for some products. This fast moving film explores the concept of design using a novel dovetail student project as a vehicle for establishing a useful integrated vocabulary. Aimed at colleges.





Rebirth of a tree  DVD

Over 15 million trees perished in the Great Storm of 1987. Jeremy Broun was one of 5 makers given trees by Kew Gardens for an exhibition there in 1991. Others include Fred Baier, Toby Winteringham and Rupert Williamsonmy Broun by Kew Gardens from the Great Storm of 1987.





Design and Make in Wood  CD-Rom  

An integrated distance learning presentation based on Jeremy Broun’s unique intensive course that focuses on methodology to get the best results in the shortest time. Includes menus and videos. Suits PCs best.







Furniture Today 3 Standard Edition DVD. An update to the documentation of the furniture designer maker revolution .this 70 minute film made in 2012 includes Gordon Russell, Waywood, Fred Baier, Rachel Hutchinson and John Makepeace.


Enjoy great discounts!

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