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Alan Peters - The Makers' Maker  47 mins.


Leading a generation of furniture makers in the

late 20th Century Alan Peters was a direct link

with the Arts & Crafts Movement having apprenticed

to Edward Barnsley. Jeremy Broun knew Alan as a

professional friend over several decades and this unique

documentary gives insight into the life and work of a

truly inspirational designer maker who was aptly

awarded the OBE in 1990.  no one understood the

character of wood as intimately as he did and in

his timeless designs he always showed that

respect for material - how wood moves.


Martin Grierson - a life in furniture   47 mins.

At the time Jeremy Broun recorded an impromptu

interview in 2013 Martin Grierson was the UK's most

senior prominent furniture designer maker. Having

set up a workshop in 1975 Martin was already a well known award winning industrial designer. This unique documentary traces Martin's career, looks at his inspirations and looks at

some major public commissions including seating for The

National Gallery.  


British Craftsmanship in Wood   60 mins.

Film and furniture maker attended the first exhibition

at Cheltenham where the best of British furniture

craft was on display. This unique documentary includes off the cuff interviews with several makers and shows the rich variety of high quality work on display. 


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