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  • How long is delivery on DVDs and books?
    Normally within five days. If urgent please send email request to
  • What are the main features of the online digital publications?
    The enanced ebooks can be viewed online on any device instantly. The HTML5 is very quick. Most integrate videos, illustrations and images with text and some publications have print out plans. They can be downloaded as a PDF file but the videos are not embedded in this mode due to software restrictions. The best viewing experience is on a computer with a screen size 22" upwards.
  • What are the advantages of Jeremy's unique ebooks?
    They are viewed instantly. They offer an ideal learning presentation combining video with text, illustrations, images and plans (if project based). The 'word search' function is instant. They include a zoom facility. The publications can be printed to your desktop either separate pages or the entire book and can be downloaded to PDF file.
  • I'm having difficulty accessing the ebook I purchased
    Please email Jeremy if you have problems. He endeavours to respond within 24 hours. The HTML5 format is compatible with all browsers and devices.
  • How future proof is the format used?
    Very little is future proof with technology today but if you back up your digital publication as a PDF file that is generally the most universally accepted format. Jeremy Broun has been using software for a number of years as a preferred format after much research, recently upgrading from Flash to the latest HTML5 which is browser friendly. Put another way, over the years Jeremy has invested quite a lot of money over the software (updates including the most recent HTML5 transition from Flash) and spent hundreds of hours creating these suprbly presented publications. HTML5 is now the industry standard.
  • Will the publication content go out of date?
    It is unlikely the content will go out of date quickly. Many of the traditions in woodworking have evolved over centuries. The style not function of power tools might change every decade or so. Jeremy was ahead of his time when he wrote The Incredible Router book and the content has not gone out of date. Similarly with his definitive routing videos.
  • Can I download the online videos?
    Yes, a download link will be sent in an email. You have 72 hours to download. If you download you are agreeing not to share.
  • What is the best way to start woodworking?
    Ideally one to one tuition or a small teaching class is the best way to learn. However, the advatage of learning from video is that the topic can be specific and you can weatch the video repeatedly to digest the content. Choose a really simple project such as a breadboard and focus on making and finishing it well. Use basic tools and have an open mind to the merits of both hand tools and power tools. Accept you will make mistakes. Use a softwood because it is generally easier to work than a hardwood. Take a look at Jeremy's free online publication 'A way with wood' that has a section on basic low cost tools. You should find this very helpful in making initial choices. Do not be put off by cheap tools.
  • How can I expand my woodworking knowledge?
    By watching Jeremy's hugely diverse YouTube channel and buying his publications! Also consider finding a local class to join.
  • What is the best woodworking router?
    The million dollar question although they are a lot cheaper than that! Probably Jeremy's favourite is the Dewalt 621. See his YouTube video 'My Favourite Router'. It is quiet, powerful, well made and has a low centre of gravity, excellent depth stop and plunge controls with an easy to use safety switch. The dust take off is through the router base and up through a plunge column. Another good choice (in 2018) is a Bosch POF 1200 which represents good build quality, functionality and ease of use for a beginner and is a good size (1/2" collet which takes smaller cutters).
  • What is the refund policy?
    If a book, DVD or CD-Rom delivered by post is found to be damaged/defective it will be replaced. There is no refund for online ebooks or videos but if you are unhappy with the product or feel the advertizing is misleading in any way please contact Jeremy Broun.

Frequently Asked Questions

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