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Furniture Today
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Fred Baier Prism Chair

Parts One, Two and Three
Collection with bonus videos 

‘Furniture, like architecture serves as a barometer to social, economic and spiritual change and tells much of the story of civilization’. 


This fascinating presentation by Jeremy Broun uniquely documents the British Designer Maker revolution since the 1970's to the first two decades of this century. It is set against a historical backcloth of furniture dating back to the Magna Carta, highlighting milestones of design such as the Bauhaus, Art Nouveau and the Arts & Crafts movement. 

Taking several years in the making, Furniture Today started as a series of lectures and then became documented on DVD and now as an online video collection - providing a valuable archive of a world leading revolution that future historians will likely call the second Golden Age and the one that has paved the way for the innovative work of today. 

Of interest to cultural societies, students, furniture designer makers, interior designers, architects, colleges, libraries, galleries  - for individual connoisseurs or group audiences and repeat viewings. 

What they said about the lectures
Inspirational’, ‘Extremely interesting’
’Very comprehensive and informative’, 
What they said about  the DVDs 

FT1 & 2 ‘Not a boring moment’, ‘Superb’ 
‘Would make a good TV series’
FT3 ‘This film is an absolute must for anyone interested in modern furniture..’ 
Jeremy Broun was part of The 1970s British Craft Furniture Revival, pushing the
boundaries of this craft over three decades. He is also an award-winning author.
This award winning book by Jeremy Broun (updated in 2018) contains a unique 'Themes' section showcasing over 75 of the best examples of furniture being created today that Jeremy has selected. 
'Script' box featuring hand-cut marquetry using 'reconstructed' wood veneers - Christine M
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Thomas Whittingham              Katie Walker            Christine Meyer-Eagleston        Jolyon Yates                  Alice Blogg
Furniture Today Part One   51 mins

In 2006 Jeremy Broun gives a personal appraisal of Furniture Today ‘in context’ demonstrating that it is no ‘here today gone tomorrow fashion thing’ but a quiet and solid underground movement that has been going on for the past 30 years or so, since the 1970s British Craft Furniture Revival, with its roots and influences deep in history. He challenges such prejudices that 'old is better than new' or that 'old and new cannot be mixed'. 


From Magna Carta to Victoriana  a snapshot of English period furniture.
Twentieth Century Design Milestones Major movements such as The Arts & Crafts, Bauhaus, Memphis, 
A history of designe
r makers an inside story. 
John Makepeace OBE, 
Alan Peters OBE
both major influences.

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Furniture Today  Part two   55 mins

With a brief recap on topics covered in Part One Jeremy Broun showcases the diverse furniture being created from the 1980s to the first decade of the Twentieth Century. 


Eighties Makers  a culmination in interest of the designer maker movement Unsung hero Andrew Whately was chief cabinetmaker to John Makepeace for 11 years.
Nineties and 2K bespoke furniture. 
The Furniture Group and Cheltenham exhibitions run by Betty Norbury, Peta Levi at Bonhams, Jeremy Broun presents furniture on regional TV, Fred Baier punk furniture maker, Irish Create event 2006,

Heslop_AVg4 sv.jpg

Furniture Today Part Three   79 mins

The Golden Age of Design and Craftsmanship that Jeremy wrote about in 1990 continues and still there is great public ignorance about this asppect of our culture! This update (2012) gives a representative glimpse of some of the diverse work being created andincludes several interviews with makers and public. 



Part One & Part Two overview    A history of furniture dating back to the Magna Carta highlighting the British Designer Maker (or Studio Furniture movement).  Furniture Snapshot   a musical slideshow of iconic and other distinctive furniture designs picked by Jeremy Broun. 

The Father of 20th Century British Furniture Design    An interview with Ray Leigh who was part of the Gordon Russell story. Russell successfully embraced hand work with the machine 
The Art of the
Machine -   Waywood Furniture workshop at the forefront of bespoke British furniture design, embracing computer technology with hand skill. Enriching the Language of Furniture   John Makepeace discusses some of his major work in 2011. 

Made to Sit an exhibition of chairs during the 2010 London Design Week. Whilst stewarding the show Jeremy Broun hijacked television celebrity Dame Esther Rantzen to come inside the gallery and sit on some of the chairs.

The Pewsey Boys An impromtu interview with Fred Bair and his longstanding pal Johnny Hawkes still at the cutting edge of innovation and enthusiasm. 

From Silver Wire to Sailing cord   Jeremy Broun discusses the importance of ‘method’ and his inspiration from Finnish woodworking.

The XX Factor  Rachel Hutchinson draws some of her ideas using thin plywood from female corsetry. She pays tribute to other women woodworkers such as Jakki Dehn, Lucinda Leech and Karen Hansen.  



The V & A Furniture Futures Symposium  A brief snapshot focusing on extracts from the lecture by David Colwell - global waste, plastics toxicity, renewable sustainable wood products, team bending.

Cheltenham   The ‘Ascot’ of bespoke furniture making and a fairly good barometer as to what is happening across the UK landscape although not cutting edge design. Interviews with a furniture shop owner, editor of ex magazine editor Nick Gibbs and some critique by artist and writer Michael Wainwright. Jeremy Broun gets the public talking. 

A Tribute to Alan Peters OBE   Jason Heap, organizer of ‘CCD’ launched the ‘Alan Peters Award for Excellence’ (now taken on by Jeremy Broun and Andrew Lawton) Andrew Lawton who worked with the great furniture maker talks about the last table that Alan worked on. 

Forest Woods   Jeremy Broun chills out with members of The Forest of Avon Wood Products Co-operative whose message is local sustainability. 

Epilogue  What future are we leaving our young people? Are we slow to throw away the throw away society? 

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