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 The definitive routing videos by Jeremy Broun 


Essential  Routing 46mins - Jointcutting with the Router 43 mins - Router Jigging 37 mins


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132 mins action-packed informative content by the UK routing pioneer

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Essential Routing   46 mins.


Originally made on the S-VHS video format in 1994

this is the definitive beginners guide to routing by top

UK expert and pioneer Jeremy Broun. Action-packed, comprehensive and highly detailed, it teaches key skills and confidence to use what Jeremy Broun first dubbed as 'the most versatile tool in the workshop' in 'The Incredible Router' book in 1989.


Basic principles of routing

What can a router do

Power and size


Routing mode

JB router at work

Basic kit


Cutter changing

Holding devices

Router control

Depth of cut



Feed direction

Grooves and rebates

Edge profiling

Template routing

Fast plunge routing

Freehand routing

Table routing

Jigs and jigmaking


Flush trimming

Care of equipment

Routers on the market         



Jointcutting with the router  43 mins.


Once you master the art of joint making you master

the craft of woodworking. This  action packed video

covers every aspect of joint cutting, looking at construction strategies with both commercial and shopmade jigs, special cutters, with some innovative routed joints by the UK maestro and author of The Incredible Router - Jeremy Broun. 



About wood
Introduction by JB
Constructions and strategies
Equipment needed

Router kit


Cutter care

Router tables

Health & Safety
Edge joints

Carcase joints

Dovetail & finger joints

Carcase dividers

Mortice & tenons

Frame joints

Panel inserts

Router Jigging  37 mins.


An action packed definitive video on routing by the

UK maestro. Once you start using, making and

thinking jigs you will be in the fast lane of routing, limited only by your imagination. Jeremy Broun explores some manufacturer's selected jigs and some shopmade jigs including some of his own including the JKB Routing Table and Omni Jig for joint cutting, the latter he shows you how to make. (Also available as a DVD).

What is a jig?
Guidebush routing
Router table
Circles and eclipses
Dovetail jig
Router carver
Batten routing


Tools and materials

The JKB Omni Jig

Making the JKB Omni Jig

Guide bushes
Omni Jig continued
Jig function
JKB Shopmade jigs

JKB Universal Routing Table (with pendulum jig)
The Woodrat
The Duplicarver
JB signs off

Other titles
Router update


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