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A GUIDE TO PLASTICS - interactive e-book. A fascinating guide for consumers, educators and makers covering history, types and processes of plastics, safety and enviromental issues. PRE ORDER NOW

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All you need to know about plastics - a unique comprehensive yet detailed e-book (PDF format) involving extensive up-to-date research to present a historical, theoretical and practical guide by a versatle craftsman skilled in various materials disciplines and using plastics since the mid sixties. It is staggering that very few people can name or know anything about the plastics they use and throw away. Author Jeremy Broun says that plastics is the material that does what other traditional do, better and more. This is a vast subject that is taking him motths to present in an easy to digest way with links to allow you to navigate around the publication. It will change your perception of plastic! Be an early adopter and buy in advance at a discount. The publication should be completed before the end of 2023.

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