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ACOUSTIC GUITAR EASY BUILD PREVIEW- video integrated online emanual. Not just an inspiring guitar to build using low cost tools and materials but an ideal entry into accessible woodworking. 6 videos.

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The preview version of the 100 plus page full version shows six of the 52 video tutorials as a taster. Included are three skills test videos which serve as an excellent introductory course to woodworking.

This unique project has taken Jeremy Broun over 6 years to compile (based on half a century of his vast woodwork, teaching and guitar making experience). The full price of £135.95 does not reflect the immense number of hours involved in making a project such as this easy to build for an almost total beginner at woodwork!

Traditionally guitars are difficult to build and involve expensive tools and materials and such publications are much easier to create but are exclusive. This guitar is aimed at guitarists who already possess manual dexterity so this is also a terrific woodworking course, covering all the tools you need to get started and sufficient skills to build confidence quickly.

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