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ALAN PETERS - THE MAKERS' MAKER - a biography ebook about one of the greatest British furniture designer makers. 67 pages, 133 images, 4 videos. Tributes from makers

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A tribute to one of the greatest British furniture designer makers of the late 20th Century whose work still inspires people around the world today. Alan Peters OBE had a profound respect for the character of wood and brought tradition forward in his understated forms. 67 pages, 133 images, 4 videos. Including numerous tributes from makers. This is the only fresh writing on Alan Peters and Jeremy Broun, a longstanding professional friend of Alan Peters has put a substantial effort into this book that compliments the 47 minute documentary video (DVD) that took five years to complete. if you are a woodworker, over 18 years old and a UK resident citizen, you may be interested in applying for The Alan Peters Online Furniture Award. In which case this ebook is a must to read.

Tributes include: John Makepeace, Martin Grierson, David Colwell, Robert ingham, Jane Cleal, David Savage, Andrew Lawton, Richard Williams, Johnny Hawkes, Lucinda Leech, Peter Kuh, Philip Koomen, Guy Mallinson, Nick Gibbs (magazine editor), Robin Furlong, john Bullar, Ralph Hampton, Peter Southall.

It can be vieweed online with integrated videos, ideally on a large screen computer or tablet for optimum viewing. The PDF document and standalone videos can be downloaded.

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