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Essential Routing 46 mins. Originally made on the S-VHS video format in 1994

This is the definitive beginners guide to routing by Jeremy Broun. Action-packed, comprehensive and highly detailed, it teaches key skills and confidence to use what Jeremy Broun first dubbed as 'the most versatile tool in the workshop' in 'The Incredible Router' book in 1989.

Topics include:

Basic principles of routing, What can a router do, Power and size, CuttersJigs, Routing mode, JB router at work, Basic kit,Safety, Cutter changing, Holding devices, Router control, Depth of cut, Feed direction, Grooves and rebates,Edge profiling, Template routing, Fast plunge routing, Freehand routing, Table routing, Jigs and jigmaking, Jointcutting, Flush trimming, Care of equipment, Routers on the market, My favourite router.

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