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Furniture Today - Part 2- Download. For educators and connoisseurs a uniquely inspiring documentary of the designer maker movement in the Britsh Isles from the 1980s and 1990s to beyond the Millennium

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An original historical craft documentary that will be regarded as more important as time goes by. Intended for repeat viewings of large audiences at colleges and organisations.

Furniture Today Part 2 Jeremy Broun who was amongst a handful of pioneers of the 70’s Furniture Craft Revival documents this exciting period describing the work and sharing the stories. Setting the designer make British Studio Furniture Movement against a historical backcloth of furniture dating back to the Magna Carta. This video covers the 1980s, 1990s and into the new Millennium.

57 minutes running time. Digitally remastered from Mini DV tape.

Introduction A recap on Furniture Today and the 1970s British Craft Revival set against a historical backcloth of furniture design dating back to the Magna Carta and including milestones of 20th Century design.

The Eighties A culmination in interest of the designer maker movement. Makers include John Coleman. Jakki Dehn, Lucinda Leech, Toby Winteringham, Johnny Hawkes, David Savage, David Colwell Viscount Linley, Jakki Dehn, Lucinda Leech.

David Colwell demonstrating that good design is not just about aesthetics but sound mechanics and economy of material and labour.

Unsung hero A genius with wood, Andrew Whately was chief cabinetmaker to John Makepeace for 11 years. He brings alive a breathtaking piece of hand craftsmanship and design unrivalled today.

The Nineties Despite Britain plunging into its glorious past, bespoke designer makers continue to demonstrate that the work of today equals if not surpasses any previous era. Paul Gower, Declan O’Donoghue, Andrew Varah, Nicholas Chandler, Martin Lane, Waywood Furniture, Robert Ingham, David Gregson, Philip Koomen, David Savage, Ramez & Jemila Ghazoul of Artizana Furniture Gallery, Andrew Skelton, Tim Stead MBE, Walter Jack, Neil Henderson

Artizana Gallery The indepenednt initiative of Iraqi Americans Ramey and Jemilia Ghazoul patronising the best of British

The Cheltenham Exhibitions Betty Norbury stages the biggest selling annual exhibitions of bespoke furniture in Cheltenham. In her first exhibition Jez Broun talks to Jeremy Higson about The Carlton desk and Robert Ingham about the mysteries of his work.

Decorative Arts at Bonhams The one an only British contemporary furniture critic Daily Telegraph craft journalist Peta Levi describes four decades of the British Craft Rennaissance at this selling exhibition in 1993. Cato, Jane Atfield, Ashley Hall, Nicholas Pryke.

The Furniture Group A regional exhibition society set up by Declan O'Donoghue and Jeremy Broun. Others i the group: Ian Heseltine, Martin Lane, Ann Toplis, Alan Tilbury.

HTV West Television Jeremy Broun presents work from The Furniture exhibition in 1995.

Fred Baier Nicknamed the punk furniture maker in the Seventies, a glimpse at one of Britain’s most inventive furniture makers (fully interviewed with moe recent work in Furniture Today Part 3).
2K bespoke furniture The furniture just gets better. Stephen Budd, Waywood, Richard Williams. ‘Private Parts’ exhibition ( organised by Michael Wainwright in 2005). Hugh Scriven, Richard Jones, Guy Martin, John Lee, Paul Steel, Sean Feeney, Barnsley Workshop, Theo Cook, Rod and Alison Wales, Matthew Burt, Trannon, Richard Stump, Thomas Heatherwick, Jonathon Markovitch, Alastair Graham, Dave Tragen,

Charles Rennie Mackintosh Centenary exhibition at the Hill House, Jon Makepeace OBE, Sir Terence Conran, Wales & Wales, David Savage and Jeremy Broun. Expressing the sirit of the Scottish designer who introduced art to furniture.

Private Parts Furniture maker Michael Wainwright organizes a regional exhibition at which he announces its all a bit well made' and leaves the audience to discover the range of innovative designs. Michael is one of the few articulate voices able to offer strict ctic of the work of today.

Create 2005 Organized by internationally renowned maker Joseph Walsh celebrating the best of Irish furniture designer makers. Speakers include John Makepeace (on Luxury) Jeremy Broun (on Design and Innovation) and Andrew Varah (Photography). Makers include : Sasha Sykes, John Lee, Michael Bell, Joseph Walsh. Brian Murray, Neil and Ann McCarthy - winners of the John Makepeace Irish Furniture Oscar. Irish television personality Derek Davis entertains at the exclusive preview.
Green woodwork No thesis on furniture today would be complete without mention of green and eco furniture, organic forms using raw material from sustainable woodlands. Chris Nangle, Karen Hansen, Roy Tam, Tom Redfern, Alun Heslop, Nick Sneller, Joe Cooper, Mike Abbott. Bob Slade takes to the quiet of the woods and shows how it is done. About Jeremy Broun 2 mins his design influences from early travels to Scandinavia and search for simplicity of form

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