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Martin Grierson - A life in furniture - download video. A biography (2013) of the most senior British furniture designer maker who previously had an accomplished career as an industrial designer.

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Martin Grierson - a life in furniture DVD Jeremy Broun unravels the fascinating career of an award winning industrial designer in the 60’s who set up a bespoke furniture workshop in 1975 and now at 80 reflects on his work.

Making his first piece of furniture at the age of 16 (that was exhibited at the V & A), Martin Grierson at 80 (in 2013) not only assumes the status of our most senior furniture designer maker but is a leading figure of the 1970's British Carft Furniture Revival. He already had an accomplished career as an industrial designer, winning several awards for his avant garde furniture in the 50's and 60's before he set up as a bespojke furniture maker in 1975, taking on major commissions.

Jeremy Broun who exhibited alongside Martin many times at major group exhibitions sice the late 1970's digs deep to unravel a fascinating career where Martin talks about his major prublic and private work and the importance of the client relationship. With an eye for art, yet none of his work he considers art, this film captures the very best of one of the very best in the field.

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