NEW! The Incredible Router hardback book - Revised Edition 2020 + online 'Getting started' video + The JKB Universal Routing Table project PDF download.

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An 80 page colour illustrated hardback book updating the original 1989 (bestseller) edition by UK creative routing pioneer Jeremy Broun. This is a superbly presented high quality publication suitable for all levels of routing ability.

The book includes a link to extra online content: a 10 minute video on 'Getting started' (on a simple project) and a PDF file download for The JKB Universal Routing Table' project. This project sells as a standalone ebook for £12.95.

A purchasing addition to made available soon os online bonus content: 6 videos and 6 projects.

The advantage of the online videos is they will be updated periodically hence prolonging the shelf life of tghis unique publication.

Hardly any of the original content of the 1989 first edition of the book is out of date technically and Jeremy has added to the knowledge/experience base. Soft start is the standard. It costs far less to get started today as tools generally have come down in cost. But space generally is costing more as property values have risen over this period and many young people rent rather than own, so maybe less people have access to sheds or garages. But the good news is the router has always taken up little space and there is much you can do on a workmate bench provided you insulate your workspace as the router is still a noisy tool. Cordless routers are beginning to appear, mainly in the form of trimmers which can reach parts other routers can’t. CNC (robotised) routing is within the realms of amateurs and is potentially as exciting creatively today as the handheld router was back in the 1970s. Technology is a tool and needn’t take over but serve the maker and the fundamental message here is see what the tool or machine can do, explore its limits, don’t just use it to copy the past but enjoy creating the future!

Jeremy Broun is a master craftsman and designer who believes that mastery of technique underpins creative expression. Here are some of the techniques covered in this book. The first edition was dubbed 'The router bible' :

freehand, fence, wheelguide, batten, template, fast plunge (pioneered by the author), table (inverted), overhead, pendulum (pioneered by the author), trammel, router drilling, flush trimming, edge trimming, jointcutting, deep mortice cutting, dowel cutting, router carving, dowel jointing, router screw threading, copy carving, cnc routing.

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