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PRODUCT OR SERVICE? (Furniture) this entertaining lecture by Jeremy Broun & Andrew Lawton at The Gordon Russell Museum, shows the pros and cons of two diverse approaches to making a living.

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Product or Service? 80 mins A unique, thought provoking lecture, full of humorous anecdotes by furniture designer makers Jeremy Broun and Andrew Lawton, sharing over 80 years of their combined commercial experience, recorded at The Lygon Arms (Edinburgh Room), Broadway (Gordon Russell Museum) in 2019. This lecture which has been extensively edited with added imagery is aimed at colleges and other organizations involved with furniture making and design. The lecture will also be of value to furniture designer makers, whether they are setting up or reviewing their direction. The four HD videos can be downloaded and used for repeat screenings by the purchaser's organization, representing excellent value for money.

Video 01 Introduction by Jeremy Broun

Video 02 Andrew Lawton presents the case for a service (client) based approach.

Video 03 Jeremy Broun presents the case for a product based approach.

Video 04 Questions from the audience.

Topics include: My story, Inspiration, Product or service? One-offs or repeats, Serving the client. Innovation, Getting the job, Marketing, Selling, Pricing, Case studies, Future challenges, Summaries with pros, cons and overlaps.

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