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Router Jigging - DVD

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Router Jigging 37 mins. An action packed definitive video on routing. Once you start using, making and thinking jigs you will be in the fast lane of routing, limited only by your imagination. Jeremy Broun explores some manufacturer's selected jigs and some shopmade jigs including some of his own including the JKB Routing Table and Omni Jig for joint cutting, the latter he shows you how to make. Produced in 1998.


Introduction, What is a jig?, Guidebush routing, Router table, Circles and eclipses, Dovetail jig, Router carver, Batten routing, Jigmaking,Tools and materials,The JKB Omni Jig, Making the JKB Omni Jig, Guide bushes, Omni Jig continued, Jig function,JKB Shopmade jigs, JKB Universal Routing Table (with pendulum jig), The Woodrat, The Duplicarver, JB signs off, Other titles, Router update

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