Street Jez - music album CD - 10 tracks. Jez Broun whose influences include Hank Marvin, Carlos Jobim and Django Reinhardt plays a catchy blend of latin/gypsy jazz, blues & 60s-70s pop.

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Ten great easy listening tracks of Jez Broun playing one of his hand made guitars! Mostly interpretations of classic pop songs with some vocals. Listen to the sample tracks below:

Tracks include:

1. The Carpenter of Bath

2. Bluez Jez

3. Isnt she lovely

4. Summertime

5. The Girl from Ipanema

6. Til there was you (Beatles) (vocals by Jez Broun)

7. Hotel California (interpretation)

8. This Masquerade (interpretation)

9. Things we said today (Beatles)

10. Paris Busk

Listen to samples of these tracks:

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