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THE ALAN PETERS FURNITURE AWARD APPLICATION FORM 2024 + free 65 page ebook about the life/work of this great British furniture designer maker. Resident citizens of The British Isles over 18 elligible

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You have probably been directed from the main promotional page for this prestigious British award on Jeremy Broun's website. As you are now on Jeremy Broun's Woodomain online shop your first call is to download this application form to study the requirements and receive a free copy of the ebook called 'Alan Peters - The Makers' Maker'. This will give you a good background into the nature of this award and enhance your chances of being a winner by echioing the spirit of his work. If after CAREFULLY reading the requirements set out in this application form and you wish to go ahead and apply you must then pay your £20 application fee (max two entries at £20) and submit your application no later than 31 July 2024. Ideally you should submit entries before this date to allow the organizer time to process applications. The 2024 award is an online event and will be repeated in 2026.

Here is the link for the award application fee submission:

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