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THE CHAIR - a 30 minute documentary film exploring the chair as an artefact of service and culture through history. A Crafts Council Award film (1990). Interviews include Ron Arad, David Colwell.

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A fascinating documentary of archive interest to colleges and furniture connoisseurs made by Jeremy Broun in 1990 with support from The Crafts Council of Great Britain. This film explores the topic from Aristotle's contemplative boulder to regal thrones and the kind of chair symbolising strength and prestige as used on the television programme 'Mastermind'. With Jeremy Broun's background in design and making (and chairs in particular) he interviews chair makers Ron Arad, Lucinda Leech and David Colwell as well as sharing some of his own design secrets. Expert narrative is added by chair consultant Tony Kitcher. The chair is the ultimate challenge for architects historically, and if its comfortable it is a bonus.

This film was originally sold to colleges as a DVD for £35.

A DVD copy is available on request (only postage charged for)

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