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THREE ROUTING TITLES - Downloads (1) Essential Routing (2) Jointcutting with the Router (3) Router Jigging. These are the definitive videos on routing that are both comprehensive and in depth.

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3 Routing Titles download videos. The definitive action packed fully comprehensive set of 3 Routing videos by the UK’s creative pioneer. Updated in 2012 - re-mastered with extras such as Router Update and My Favourite Router. 129 minutes. See individual titles for content.

Essential Routing DVD 43 mins Ideal for those new to routing. Jeremy Broun covers the basic principles, cutter choice, getting started, safe working practices, holding devices, template routing, table routing, jig making, care of equipment and examples of work.

Watch 'What can you do with a router?' - over 2.3 million views on YouTube:

Topics: Basic principles of routing, What can a router do, Power and size, Cutters, Jigs, Routing mode, JB router at work, Basic kit, Safety, Cutter changing, Holding devices, Router control, Depth of cut, Feed direction, Grooves and rebates, Edge profiling, Template routing, Fast plunge routing, Freehand routing, Table routing, Jigs and jigmaking, Jointcutting, Flush trimming, Care of equipment, Routers on the market

Jointcutting with the Router DVD 46 mins. Jeremy Broun shows how to cut a range of interesting joints using both shop-made and selected manufacturers` jigs, standard and special cutters and joint options for different constructions.

About wood, Introduction by JB, Constructions and strategies, Equipment needed, Routers, Router kit, Cutters, Cutter care, Router tables, Jigs, Health & Safety, Edge joints, Carcase joints, Dovetail & finger joints, Carcase dividers, Mortice & tenons, Frame joints, Panel inserts

Router Jigging DVD. Once you start using, making and thinking jigs you will be in the fast lane of routing. This action packed video covers all aspects plus some inventive jigs by Jeremy Broun.

Introduction, What is a jig? Guidebush routing, Router table, Circles and eclipses, Dovetail jig, Router carver, Batten routing, Jigmaking,Tools and materials,The JKB Omni Jig,Making the JKB Omni Jig, Guide bushes, Omni Jig continued, Jig function, JKB Shopmade jigs, JKB Universal Routing Table (with pendulum jig), The Woodrat, The Duplicarver, JB signs off, Other titles, Router update.

Watch 'What can you do with a router?' - over 2.3 million YouTube views:

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