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The Art of the Carpenter - a beautiful hardback book showcasing over half a century of an innovative British woodworker across a broad spectrum of woodworking disciplines

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Due to rising postal charges, for customers outside the UK a £10 coupon is offered to spend on or towards a video integrated Ebook of your choice if you purchase a copy of this book (signedby the author).

Jeremy Broun charts his unique journey crossing several woodworking disciplines. This is the first in an exciting new series of high-quality gloss laminated hardcover books, some with the option of supporting online video and PDF files (eg print out plans).

The Art of the Carpenter 76 pages over 250 images including hand drawn illustrations. Award-winning master craftsman and designer Jeremy Broun shares half a century of innovation across an unusually broad spectrum of woodworking crafts celebrating his passion for working wood. Topics include: My story, Major influences, Heirlooms of desire, Materials, Techniques, Finishes, Innovation, Wood joints, Luminaires, Clocks, What the critics say, The client relationship, Guitar making, Outdoor structures, Boatbuilding, Drawing, My workshop(s). Renovating the woodwork of a vintage Rolls Royce to creating a sculpted plywood dashboard in a hand built Ferrari style sports car. Wooden luminaires fusing our oldest natural resource wood with modern technology and a taste into the laterst chapter in this woodworker's life - exploring CNC technology.

A magazine review by Andrew Lawton furniture designer maker ‘If Jeremy Broun didn’t exist someone would have to invent him’, at least according to a well known furniture maker I spoke to at this year’s [ 2019] Celebration of Craftsmanship & Design exhibition. Inventive designer and maker of furniture, clocks and guitars, pioneer of the creative use of the portable router, teacher, film maker, jazz guitarist and luthier, Broun is something of a polymath who never stands still; a creative spirit who reminds me of his near contemporary, David Hockney. This latest book by Broun is part autobiography, part textbook. He starts with his early life as a craft teacher in a tough London school where his designing began - he devised interesting projects to stimulate 'challenging' pupils. He then describes his travels around Europe visiting furniture factories and workshops in Scandinavia and Italy, experiences which were a great stimulus in his own development as a designer maker. Later chapters cover areas such as materials, joints, finishes, selling, boat building and guitar making, to name a few. Amateur readers will be heartened to discover that Broun has achieved so much with mostly small, compact and lighweight machines that give tremendous flexibility in his various workshops but still deliver accuracy such as his 16" drum sander. This book is well set out and eminently readable and should have a wide inspirational appeal to anyone interested in wood and design, by one of Britain’s most versatile designer craftsmen in wood.

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