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The Encyclopedia of Woodworking Techniques (2018). A signed copy of the revised edition of the 1993 Award winning title. An A-Z for all skill levels including an inspirational gallery of designs.

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Due to rising postal charges, for customers outside the UK a £10 coupon is offered to spend on or towards a video integrated Ebook of your choice if you purchase a copy of this book (signedby the author).

In 1993 Jeremy Broun was invited by global visual arts leading publisher Quarto plc to write this book. It won a UK Top Authors Award in that year and in 2018 was updated. 'This unique visual encyclopedia of woodworking techniques is the essential benchtop reference for all woodworkers. Divided into two parts, the first section introduces you to the tools, timbers and techniques that are used in basic woodworking. These are fully demonstrated and described through helpful step-by-step photographs and text, from drawing and marking out; through chiselling, drilling and routing; joint making, bending, shaping and turning; to abrading, scraping and finishing. Power-tool, machine-tool and hand-tool variations are fully detailed, providing you with that much needed flexibilty in your own workshop. Finally, a theme section provides a gallery of finished examples by leading designers of cabinets, chests, chairs, benches, tables, desks and decorative woodwork, demonstrating the principles of design and construction and inspiring both novice woodworkers as well as the more experienced crafts person to design and create their own items from wood'.

Testimonial: ‘I ordered directly from Jeremy Broun’s website and promptly received my signed copy. The book is right up to date with topics from safety through to guides on traditional and modern tools.

Each section describes and shows with detailed photography the techniques that both beginner and seasoned woodworkers will understand plus benefit from. Inspiring photography showing beautiful pieces of furniture are interspersed throughout. A very good and-non daunting read/reference book for someone like me who wants to re-kindle the craft of creating from wood. Simon F, Hong Kong’.

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