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The Makers' Maker Extended Edition biographical documentary about the late Alan Peters OBE. 88 minutes. 6 download videos. Aimed at collectors & colleges with Discussion Topics for the tutor.

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Jeremy Broun was inspired by Alan Peters while still at school and he became his hero then professional friend. Alan Peters has influenced countless woodworkers worldwide and this 47 minute film is a personal tribute to this great man. This video is a good companion to the E-book. The Extended Edition of this unique documentary is aimed at colleges and connoisseurs and includes 23 minutes extra chapters (total 68 mins): Hand versus machine, The commissioning experience, A tour of the woods, Gallery, Making the film. Plus Discussion topics for the tutor.

Testimonial: 'There is nothing staged about this film and it really feels as though it has been made by a woodworker for woodworkers to remember someone who is important to British cuilture'. Nick Gibbs, editor of British woodworking magazine 2015.

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