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The amazing JB BENCHTOP VERTICAL PANEL SAW JIG multi media ebook with step-by-step build instructions and options, videos and printout plans. All for much less than the cost of a sheet of plywood.

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A commercial jig for cutting large sheet materials costs thousands of pounds/dollars. You can easy build this simple jig for benchtop or wall mounting to cut 4ft x 2ft sheet material using a compact cordless mini circular saw for thicknesses up to 18mm. This unique 24 page online multimedia ebook has illustrated detailed step-by-step instructions with diagrams and 4 pages of printout plans and two videos, making it vastly superior to plans alone. The price is less than half the price of a sheet of plywood! Recommended mini circular saws are included and the jig can be partnered with the 'JB 8 x 4 Sheet Reduction Jig' to be announced soon. Repeat panels can be cut such as in 3mm MDF for the 'JB OmniBox' for power tool storage.

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