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Mission statement

Jeremy Broun believes a piece of furniture should last at least as long as the tree from which it came, took to grow.

Clients for his furniture often perceive his unique designs as heirloom pieces. (

This website promotes Jeremy's vast range of video programmes and publications, some are award winning books, other are unique video-integrated ebooks. Most are predominantly reference material that does not quickly go out of date.

The waste on this planet is senseless and that includes the high quality packaging painstakingly selected by Jeremy to deliver books to you. It concerns him that is it is automacically disposed of, not least because the packaging like the hardback book printing is costly. 

As an incentive to re-use the sturdy packaging, if you have ordered a book and you live in the UK, please put a 2nd class postage stamp on the enveloppe and return it to the address on the sticker. You will earn a £5 discount on a future order of Jeremy's ebooks.

Terms of business



Payment is SSL secured and made directly to Jeremy Broun at his Woodomain bank account.   


Online digital publications and videos can be viewed instantly, subject to your downloading the secure access document within a 72 hour limit.

Hard case DVDs and books are posted Royal Mail. For the UK they are sent out First class Large Letter and take about a day. For the rest of the world it takes around 5 days. Please allow around four days for processing your order. Refunds are not normally given. 

Urgent Delivery

If you are ordering a publication as a gift such as for a birthday and need it urgently please email Jeremy Broun directly and he will do his best to prioritise your order. This website is manned most days but not strictly every day as it is only part of Jeremy Broun's diverse work base. 

Digital publications

These are video integrated media rich unique publications using brand leading software and can be viewed online as 3D page turning books on a computer or as PDF slide shows on a tablet. They can be downloaded but the video facility is not included in downloaded PDF format. It is recommended you download the publication as a back up as Jeremy Broun has no control over third party changes and therefore cannot guarantee lifetime access. The publications use HTML5 lwhich is browser friendly on all devices and fast to load. 

Online videos 

These are sold on the understanding that they are for the personal use of the purchaser and not shared. If this does happen they may be withdrawn. Currently online videos are streamed and not for download, meaning instant viewing. 


Faulty products


Jeremy Broun endeavours to put right any errors swiftly and replace any faulty DVDs which is a rare occurance. E-publications cannot be replaced and are not normally refunded because they are online and checked to be fully functioning but if you experience problems please do not hesitate to contact Jeremy Broun by email.   


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