Here you can view some of Jeremy Broun's many archive articles in the PDF file viewer. He has written for the major UK magazines over decades and is currently a regular contributor to The Woodworker and Good Woodworking magazine (having been an associate editor of GW in the 1990s, the magazines since merged) and some of these articles are reproduced courtesy of the current editor Tegan Foley.

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07 Broun handworkshop.JPG

Surviving & thriving woodworking lockdown


Creating an exhibition quality piece of furniture  2020.

fsst plunge.jpg

Fast plunge routing


Desktop CNC machine.JPG

Is CNC craft?


Cordless Revolution


Profile of Jeremy Broun with plans for his nest of tables. 1984    

AP chiselbowl2.JPG

Alan Peters

A profile by Jeremy Broun 2009

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apound 2.jpg

Do what you believe in


wheel cutting jig 2.jpg

Wheel cutting jig


penfold apron.jpg

Shoreditch College remembered


Craftsmanship at its best

Review of the first Cheltenham 

furniture exhibition in 1990.

Power of the pen drawing with Jeremy Broun 2012

07 Broun handworkshop.JPG

Surviving & thriving woodworking lockdown


07 Broun handworkshop.JPG

Making and using jigs


End to end  gluing endgrain with Titebond. 2014.

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