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HAND VENEERING TECHNIQUES - video download. The traditional way shown by one of the UK's top experts - Andrew Humphries at Rycotewood College (1986), with narrative added by inlay expert Martin Lane.

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Hand veneering techniques 30 mins

This film was first made in 1986 at Rycotewood college with veneering expert Andrew Humphries demonstrating the technique. Due to the lack of sound Jeremy Broun asked one of his Rycotewood ex students Martin Lane 30 years later to add the narrative, Martin himself being a leading expert. This film is a valuable historical archive of an old technique.

Topics include:

Introduction by Jeremy Broun,

The material - veneers, Scotch glue

Tools required

Preparation of groundwork

Pressing veneer

Preparation of the baseboard

Using the toothing plane


Cutting crossbandings

Laying crossbandings & stringing

Using a scratch stock.

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