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The Alan Peters Furniture Award                                                                             2022 

An annual award celebrating the legacy of one of Britain’s most prominent furniture designer-makers of the late 20th century. It aims to encourage talent in the craft of furniture design and making. 
Any woodworker who is a resident citizen of The British Isles* over the age of 18 and who has a passion and talent for designing and making contemporary furniture is invited to submit up to 2 items of furniture made primarily of wood, that can include other complementary materials and that echo the philosophy of Alan Peters. Judging is based on the appropriate use of material, the quality of workmanship, functionality and originality of design.

Both one-off designs and potential batch-produced designs are encouraged and the piece does not have to be large. Applicants should be familiar with the work of Alan Peters prior to applying and are encouraged to read this 64-page online video-integrated ebook by Jeremy Broun offered free here: 

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Organized by                                     in collaboration with
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A prize giving ceremony is planned at Axminster Tools Nuneaton centre on 12th October with the commence of
a month long exhibition there. 
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Alan Peters OBE (1933 – 2009) was one of Britain’s most prominent furniture designer makers of the latter part of the 20th Century. He was apprenticed to Edward Barnsley and was a direct link to the English Arts & Crafts Movement. He was hugely influential internationally in his practice, teaching and publications.  Above all, his respect and understanding of how wood behaves and the value of hand skill, yet moving tradition forward, resulted in many timeless pieces.  He created affordable functional furniture which was made to last, making an art of his craft in some of his subtle innovations. 



History of the Award


The original award was called The Alan Peters Award For Excellence and was initiated by Jason Heap in 2010 and the prize was for three winners to have a free exhibition space alongside the professionals at this annual furniture exhibition in Cheltenham.

The award ran for eight years. The judges were Jason Heap,

Keith Newton and Jeremy Broun. 



The judges  for The Alan Peters Online Furniture Award 2022

Jeremy Broun (organizer) -  designer-maker

and co-exhibitor with Alan Peters 1978 - 2002.                                                  



Andrew Lawton -  designer-maker who

worked with Alan Peters and on his last



Freya Whamond (guest judge for 2022)

- furniture designer maker and teacher

and one of the winners of the 2017 award.

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1st prize £1,000 voucher from

2nd prize  £500 voucher from



3rd prize  £300 Judges prize



Applications are invited for The 2022 award.

The entry deadline is

31 AUGUST 2022.

The judging of furniture pieces will be in September and the prize giving ceremony and exhibition is planned for October at the Axminster Tools Nuneaton store (date to be announced soon).

There may possibly be a second exhibition at the Wilson Gallery, Cheltenham - dates to be confirmed.

The winners will be featured in The Woodworker and Good Woodworking magazine. 

You are invited to submit an application at any time before the entry deadline of 31 August.

Application Conditions:

Open to any resident citizen of The British Isles* over 18 who has an enthusiasm and flair for woodworking. A piece of furniture (indoor or outdoor) is to be made and six hi resolution JPEG images and four MP4 videos mobile phone) submitted, together with a Word document description. Short-listed applicants will be invited to give a stament in a Zoom call conversation with organizer Jeremy Broun to engage in a Zoom video call. See the 2021 online event.

The fee is £20 per entry, max two entries.  *includes Republic of Ireland. Application rules are fully detailed in the form below: A refund is discretionary if an applicant pulls out.  

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Guidelines &
Entry form
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After sending your entry and fee you will be sent an email acknowledging receipt. If you dont receive an email within 24 hours please contact Andrew Lawton

Payment options via application form

or here. This is an SSL secured 
 You will receive an email acknowledgment.


Freya Whammond - a 2017 winner of the previous award scheme

James Long 'Ripple' Wall Cabinet.jpg
2013. Thomas Whittingham.jpg

James Long - a 2011 winner of the previous award scheme

Thomas Whittingham - a 2013 winner

of the previous award scheme

The 1st prize of £1000 is a voucher from Axminster Tools. This video shows award judges Andrew Lawton and Jeremy Broun browsing the Nuneaton store and making their choices of tools in the company of Tegan Foley, editor of The Woodworker and Good Woodworking magazine.
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The 2nd prize of £500 is a voucher redeemable against any wood from our stocks. This includes a wide range of waney edge and square edge hardwoods, both air dried and kiln dried, British  and European sourced, all from well managed, sustainable forest or woodland.
The 3rd prize of £300 is a modest cash prize from the judges all of whom have won national awards themselves and thus can practice what they preach. The winner can perhaps choose a special small investment in their enterprise as a memento.

Jeremy Broun  - Digital touchscreen jukebox/video kiosk the Professional Woodworker of the Year Award 2005. 

The 2021 award prize-giving ceremony

Award guidelines for 2022 

Patrons of the

current award

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a patron 

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All information offered is in good faith and believed to be true and accurate.

The organizer cannot accept liability for any errors or omissions.

Updated May 2022 

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