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MICRO CATAMARAN PROJECT - multi media e-manual. A bolt together lightweight thin plywood electric powered boat that fits into the back of a small car! 48 pages, 13 videos & 6 pages of A4 plans.

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Imagine gliding silently along a canal or across a lake. You can easily build this unique electrically powered micro catamaran that fits into a small car. 50 pages, 90 images, 13 videos, 6 pages of A4 plans and more! This is a finely detailed publication that took months to create. You can pay several hundred £££ for plans on sailing craft but this is far more than just plans it is a multi media presentation that conveys through video and instructions my method for my unique design. It can be viewed online as a video integrated PDF document with 13 standalone videos and the 6 pages of A4 plans can be printed. It is more than just a boat building project but includes basic woodworking and materials handling. Fully detailed pages include what aterials and tools you can use to build this unique design by Jeremy Broun.

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