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'Absolutely inspiring, thanks so much for making this film and sharing'.

Danny Hustle

'Wow, brilliant craftsmanship and design, was blown away by Rachel Hutchinson's circular table and your cabinet without handles'.  Cecile Vales

'Brilliant, just the right length. More please. I have bought a couple of your DVDs, excellent value for money'. ammer 3934 

Over 100,000 YouTube views to date.


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The Alan Peters Furniture Award 2022 in partnership with

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A gift for you - watch this unique documentary free on You Tube 

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A British award open to anyone over 18 with a flair and passion for designing and making

Next award 2024

The perfect special gift

- a signed copy of the Revised Hardback book

'still the router bible'

Robert Judy USA 2021

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Editor's pick of some of the most informative and inspirational videos on You Tube today
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'Absolutely spot on for a dazzling intro to 'what is a router?' and the music made me smile all the way through'    tonsfocus

'Well done. You didn't waste my time and got straight to the point'   

Ron Busman

'This is excellent.

What a great little boat'   

Gylen Boardman

'Brilliant simple design and answers the problem of accessibility. I'm going to make a series of these so I can stack different tool groups'.    Cobwobbler

'Everything about this video was awesome. So glad to see his home as well'    ToddAndelin

'Really enjoyable video Jeremy, the 10 hour edit was worth it. I feel inspired to build something'   Dominic Watson 

Over 2.6 million views to date
The 2021 Award online ceremony
Thinking outside the box
Experimenting with wood
Electric powered micro catamaran
First impressions of a great tool
Buy the project plans today
The 2022 Alan Peters Award winners

'Just wonderful. A lot of work organizing and such a broad range of pieces chosen. Thanks to all involved. Thanks to JB'    DRMZ

'You taught me something about wood today, thanks'    StuffUCanMake

'Lovely to hear the opinions of a master routerer. Its a pity the designers took so long to listen to you. Look forward to your book '    RADCOMJ1

'Fantastic sound! One of the areas of woodworking that I have a lot of interest in is making guitars. Excellent playing'    builderofstuff

'I like the new light design over the original, although I can't help but feel something more like the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale headlights would have been better'    sam newman

'Have recently found your channel and have been binge watching.... What came to mind were clamps, lots of them and a marking knife.'   

Danny Hustle 

Woodomain Mediastore offers a unique range of woodworking, furniture making & design publications by award winning designer maker, film maker and author Jeremy Broun.

Books, DVDs, CD-Roms, online video integrated ebooks, download videos, PDF files etc. These unique and original publications are inspiring and informative, in instructional and

documentary style, suited for all skill levels.  Some of the documentary style biographies etc are aimed at collectors and colleges for repeat viewings and include discussion topics. 

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